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    Established in 2006, Basicxpressions surpasses its competition year after year with exciting designs and top quality products.

    Now we offer all our top of the line services & products through TigerBlue Apparel.

    Please contact us for all your Screen Printing, Embroidery & Promotional Products needs at:

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    Why Order from Us?

    At Basicxpressions, we have made Customer Satisfaction & Product Quality our top priority. We have joined the ranks of some of the largest companies in our industry that understand the value of listening to you, the customer!

    Turning your ideas into LIFE!
  • The Basicxpressions Way

    When it comes to t-shirt printing, not all companies are created equal.

    Printers come in all types and sizes and finding a great one can be harder than you think! From inexperienced "garage shops" with one manual press to experienced "industry shops" with 500-1000 shirt minimums, quality and price run the gamut.

    So what does that mean when it applies to Basicxpressions? Whether you need 24 or 10,000 shirts, we work to get you the highest quality at a price you can afford. We call this "The Real Deal", an option for companies large and small that will fit exactly what you need.


    It's all part of the price. Be sure to ask your printer what kind of inks they use. Most printers default to low quality plastisol that is laid on top of the fabric. For an additional charge, you can get a better quality print, but even then, the inks are thinned down causing them to look dull and muted.

    At Basicxpressions, we think premium printing should be the standard. We use a uniquely crafted style of printing through which a discharge underbase bleaches the color on the shirt, then use a soft blended top coat of inks resulting in an extremely soft, long-lasting print garnering rich, bright colors. After an initial wash, the inks get even softer and are barely felt to the touch. One thing to remember with this specialized process is that it only works with certain shirts and shirt colors. Please make sure to ask your sales representative about your order if you have concerns.

    This is not the only style of printing we have strived to master. Here are other ink options you’ll find at Basicxpressions!

    • • Discharge
    • • Foil
    • • High Opacity Plastisol
    • • Metallic
    • • Waterbase


    Basicxpressions uses top end automatic presses allowing us to print thousands of shirts with tight registration swiftly and efficiently. Many smaller shops use manual hand presses that are great for small orders but lack consistency and often times struggle with registration on more complex jobs. Automatic presses enable us to print higher volume, lowering the cost of printing on larger orders.


    Screens vary widely from frames to mesh. Cheap screens can hurt quality with prints not lining up and/or loss of detail. It’s also very important to know and understand that not all screens are the same. Different inks require different screens and the tension of those screens will effect how the print comes out. At Basicxpressions, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort researching what screens and processes are going to deliver you the best quality product possible.

    Mock Approvals

    If you know anything about screen printing, you know a lot can go wrong. If you don’t know much about screen printing, the sheer thought of this can be pretty scary. It’s extremely important to feel good about your order and have a realistic grasp on what your shirts will look like when they arrive to you.

    Once your order is submitted and paid for, the art department prepares digital proofs, showing what the artwork looks like on an average sized shirt, ink colors, print size and will express any and all concerns that we may have. After your review, we correct any changes before printing begins.

    Nothing will ever go to press until you’ve signed off on your mockup.

    Your Orders Are Important to Us

    Your prints are important to us. Feel free to reach out with any questions at info(at)Basicxpressions(dot)com. It's our goal to provide you with great service, top quality prints and affordable pricing.

  • Catalogs

    Augusta, Boxercraft, Holloway, Pacific Headwear & Soffe Catalogs show retail prices that do not include any decoration or printing. Please contact us to receive an accurate quote, Thank you.

    Our Services

    Screen Printing

    Screen printed apparel are the highest quality products you can offer your customers. With up to 14 colors and a wide range of effects,

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    Embroidery & Appliqué

    Create a custom look with 10 dazzling effects. Basicxpressions can embroider on almost any apparel stock you desire.

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    Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Discover the complete line of materials, for heat application on any fabric. Whether you’re decorating cotton t-shirts, nylon jackets

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    Promotional Products

    The power of FREE is undeniable. Whether it’s a giveaway at a tradeshow, an in-store freebie, or a fun gift for your employees, giving out something

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    Coming Soon!

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  • Terms & Conditions


    The turn around time on your order with Basicxpressions starts when you’ve paid in full, we have all information required to complete your order (all artwork, correct tag files, all fonts required for editable tags, all shipping info, etc.) & your Mocks have been approved.

    Delay in receipt of *any* of this info could result in production delays. Most Mocks are sent within 24 hours, after receiving payment and all necessary information. Our current turnaround time is 7-10 Business Days Average + Shipping. Complex orders/add-ons may increase turnaround. Delay in approval of mock-ups could also result in production delays. Each finishing service (printed tags, hem tags, etc.) will add extra time to the turn around on orders, adding roughly 2 days per finishing to the turn around time. The most up-to-date turnaround time will be listed on your quote and invoice.

    If you have a deadline for your order, it is very important that you let us know when placing your order and a rush fee may apply if there is not enough time to complete your order under normal circumstances. If you do not advise us about a due date until after your order has been paid for and pushed through our system, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Any circumstances out of Basicxpressions’s control (ie: weather delays, shipping errors by the supplier, etc.) may also require more time and are not factored into the initial turn around time estimate.


    All minimums for Basicxpressions are listed independently through our website, but an approximate condensed version is:

    • • 1-3 Ink Colors: 24 Pieces Minimum
    • • 4-6 Ink Colors: 50 Pieces Minimum
    • • 7-10 Ink Colors: 100 Pieces Minimum
    • • Any Order With Finishings: 50 Pieces Minimum
    • • Process Printing: Depending on Complexity, either 50 or 100 Pieces Minimum

    If you have any questions about our minimums that cannot be answered in the information above or on our website, please contact us.


    Orders must be paid in full before the order begins unless otherwise approved by Basicxpressions staff. If you pay via check, the turn around time clock on your order will not begin until your check clears.


    All files must be 300 DPI (.psd or .pdf with all layers) or vector format. The design should be sized to the size you would like it to print. Text must be converted to outlines. Printing can only be as good as the artwork. Basicxpressions will not be responsible for poor quality printing due to poor artwork. Please see our file prep page for more details. Basicxpressions is not responsible for any misspellings, errors, or issues in your art file. We do our best to catch these errors and point them out to you, but we may not catch them all. If it is in your art file and on your approval, that is how we will print it.

    Art Approval | Order Proofing

    All artwork is to be approved via a digital mock-up through email.

    Artwork must be checked for spelling, color, sizes ordered, placement of the art and accuracy of artwork by the customer. It is very important to look over every detail of the mockup, as this is how your garments will print. Basicxpressions will not accept responsibility for corrections not implemented and/or requested after artwork approval. Any modifications requested after customer approval will result in production delays and could require additional expenses. Any delays in the approval process longer than 24 hours after receipt of the mockup could result in production delays.

    Max Imprint Sizes

    Please note that not all shirts are sewn exactly the same. The following dimensions are to be used for reference as a "safe" zone to avoid printing on any seams or edges.

    • • Girls Small - 11 W x 18 H
    • • Girls Medium - 12 W x 19 H
    • • Girls Large - 12 W x 20 H
    • • Girls Extra Large - 12 W x 21 H
    • • Unisex Extra Small - 12 W x 20 H
    • • Unisex Small - 13 W x 22 H
    • • Unisex Medium - 15 W x 23 H
    • • Unisex Large - 17 W x 24 H
    • • Youth Small - 13 W x 13 H
    • • Youth Medium - 13 W x 16 H
    • • Youth Large - 14 W x 19 H

    NOTE: Any print that goes over a seam can result in imperfections in the print. (Which can be very cool-looking, if you're into that.)


    We don’t charge setup fees (aka screen fees) – just one way we say, "We've got your back." But please note that by default, like the rest of the industry we will use the same set of screens per design ordered; that is, the graphic will print the exact same size, no matter the size of the item we are printing on. If you would like to have different screen sizes made for different item sizes, please let us know ahead of time. Each set of screens will be considered a different order, with pricing and minimums charged accordingly. Please keep the max imprint sizes in mind when printing girl and youth sized shirts.

    Out of Stock Items

    Basicxpressions is not responsible for items that are out of stock. While we check items we know to have potential stock issues, all garments are ordered after your order is placed, and we cannot guarantee their availability. If items are out of stock, we will provide you with a list of possible replacements and get it approved by you before using your chosen item.

    Collar & Seam Printing

    Although Basicxpressions has the latest equipment available, inconsistencies may occur in registration and ink coverage when printing near or over the collar, seams, or any other edges. Any large prints may run the risk of going over the sleeve seam. These are all considered acceptable goods and will not be considered for reprints.

    Hoodie Printing

    Although Basicxpressions has the latest equipment available, inconsistencies may occur in registration and ink coverage when printing over the zipper, pockets or any other uneven surfaces. Basicxpressions will not be responsible for these inconsistencies.

    Specific Measurements When Printing

    Even though Basicxpressions’s printers have over 20 years of experience, there is no way to effectively and efficiently measure a distance from the collar on each shirt as each garment is loaded onto the press by hand. If you request a print that is 2” down from the collar, we will use that as a guide and do our best to make sure that all shirts hit that target, but not all shirts will hit exactly at 2”, they may be off by as much as an inch in either direction. This will not be considered a misprint and Basicxpressions will not reprint or refund these shirts.

    Changes to Your Order After Payment

    Any change made to your order that is not due to a stock issue on behalf of the stock suppliers will be subject to a change fee of $50.00 in addition to the additional costs to make the changes. Any changes to your order after it has been placed will delay your order, even if you have paid a rush fee and/or have given us a required date. It is very important that you do not place your order until you are certain that's what you want. Once the process begins, everyone in our shop starts to work on different aspects of the job, changes become costly and time consuming.

    Cancellations & Restocking Fees

    Cancellations made after order has been placed will be subject to a 15% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. No cancellations will be accepted once production or any manipulation of the garments (tag removal, printed tags, printing, hem tagging, etc.) has begun on the order.

    Must-Have Dates

    Basicxpressions will do everything we can to meet any must-have date, but we cannot guarantee it. Rush fees may apply. Customer may be responsible for any expedited shipping charges associated with the order.


    Basicxpressions cannot be responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company.

    Examples: UPS cannot deliver your package on time due to inclement weather. | UPS delivers your package to the wrong address (although provided the correct address) and you do not receive your products on time.


    Just like you, we like to spend the holidays with our families and friends. For that reason, we are closed for the following holidays. These days will not be considered operational business days and will not count towards turn around time:

    • • New Year's Day
    • • Memorial Day
    • • Independence Day
    • • Labor Day
    • • Thanksgiving Day
    • • The Day After Thanksgiving
    • • Christmas Eve
    • • Christmas Day
    • • The Day After Christmas
    • • New Year's Eve

    Under-Runs & Spoilage

    Due to the nature of this business, Basicxpressions will not be responsible for under-runs or spoilage up to 3% on jobs of 100 shirts per design, and up to 10% on jobs of less than 100 pieces. (Spoilage must be more than 10 shirts per design for a reprint). Please keep this in mind when ordering (it is never a bad idea to order extras). We always do our best to get you what you ordered. We will refund you the cost of any items shorted from your order but will not process a reprint for less than 10% of your order (or 12 shirts minimum).

    Basicxpressions will not, at any time, be responsible for any lost profits on items shorted from your order. (IE: If you paid $7.50 per shirt to get the shirt printed, but you sell them for $25.00, Basicxpressions is only responsible for the $7.50 you would have paid us for the shirt).

    Returned Checks

    There will be a $35.00 returned check fee.


    Basicxpressions reserves the right to change pricing without notice.

    Garment Disclaimer

    Basicxpressions is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as color inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.). We try our hardest to inspect the garments as we print them, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We are not the manufacturers of these garments, so we cannot ensure their construction. We highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size if an exact count is important.

    Some manufacturers over-dye their garments. Over-dying is the process of re-dying a garment after it's initial manufacturing period. This is done for any number of reasons, including color correction, clearing out of colors that didn't sell (purple shirts aren't selling so the manufacturer dyes them black to sell them as black shirts), etc. Because of this factor, Basicxpressions cannot 100% guarantee exact color consistency on coloring with discharge printing or discharge based services (Premium Standard). This is most noticeable on white ink prints (showing a slight off white tinge), but can sometimes be seen with other colors. If you are concerned about the possibility of over-dying on a garment you are interested in or would like more information or alternate print methods, please contact us. We will be glad to provide you with any information that may help you avoid this issue.

    Satisfaction Clause

    Basicxpressions will not be responsible for your satisfaction with the garments printed on or the printed artwork. We are always available to counsel any customer to ensure you pick a garment that matches your needs but we also need you to do your due diligence on the garment choice. If you are unsure of what garment to select, we can gladly order a number of blank samples for you to choose from. The samples will be billed at a per piece rate and shipped without printing. Blank samples will not credit to the cost of your order.

    Quality Assurance

    We try to check every garment as it comes off of the press, but there are times where some mistakes will make it out the door. It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them. We allow an industry standard 72 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues with the order. Basicxpressions will not be responsible for errors with your order if notified after 72 hours of receiving the goods. Basicxpressions also will not be responsible for any lost income, customers, accounts, and/or contracts if defective garments are sent out to your final customer. While Basicxpressions does quality checks on the garments, the final quality assurance check lies in the hands of you, our customer.

    Claims & Reprints

    We go to great lengths to try to ensure that every order that leaves our facility is correct. All of our customers are valued customers, regardless of size, and we want you all to know that. Any order printed differently than the mock-up approved will be granted a reprint of the defective product. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery.

    Please email sales[at]Basicxpressions[dot]com to submit your claim.

    If Basicxpressions is responsible for any errors in your order, we will gladly accept responsibility for the issues and will reprint the shirts printed in error. We do not offer refunds, but will gladly reprint any production errors that exceed the spoilage rate.

    We will require that you ship the misprinted shirts back to our shop (we will provide you with a UPS label and will cover shipping costs). Basicxpressions will not be responsible for any shirts sold or given away prior to returning the order.


    All works of art within this web site are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of these works or statements may be used, downloaded or reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from Basicxpressions Apparel or Jungle Blue, Inc.

  • Our Location


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    Allen, TX 75013
    Tel: (972) 332-1541

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    PII, as used in US privacy law and information security, is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with our website.

    What personal information do we collect from the people that visit our blog, website or app?

    When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name, email address, mailing address, phone number or other details to help you with your experience.

    When do we collect information?

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    How do we protect visitor information?

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    We implement a variety of security measures when a user enters, submits, or accesses their information to maintain the safety of your personal information. All transactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored or processed on our servers.

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    If you disable cookies off, some features will be disabled that make your site experience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly. However, you can still place quote requests.

    Third Party Disclosure

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    Users will be notified of any privacy policy changes:

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    Does our site allow third party behavioral tracking?

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    We do not specifically market to children under 13.

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    In order to be in line with Fair Information Practices we will take the following responsive action, should a data breach occur:

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    All works of art within this web site are protected under U.S. copyright laws and international conventions. No portion of these works or statements may be used, downloaded or reproduced using any means, copied, linked to, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from Basicxpressions Apparel or Jungle Blue, Inc.

    Contacting Us

    If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below:

    • Basicxpressions,
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  • Screen Printing

    Screen printed apparel are the highest quality products you can offer your customers. With up to 14 colors and a wide range of effects, your designs will be recreated by our separation process with stunning clarity and resolution.

    Create durable products that last - wash after wash. With a vast and growing variety of apparel stock and accessories available, you're sure to find the right colors, fabrics and sizes to develop your products.

    If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it. Add high-end effects and embellishments to further customize your screen printed apparel.

    Screen Printing Techniques

    Spot Color Printing

    Spot color images generally have specific solid colors. Most designs are achieved using this method. Large blocks of color or very fine line work and text can be printed with great detail.

    Inks are mixed by weight, using the textile ink version of the universal Pantone ink matching system.

    Our Spot Color inks are very vivid and opaque, so they will print well on both light and dark colors (dark 100% Polyester fabrics require a special low bleed white under base).


    Halftone is the graphic technique that simulates shading through the use of dots. Halftone prints are commonly used in newspapers to blend colors, and in screen printing it's a similar process. We use this technique to print photographic or otherwise multi-tonal artwork using only one ink color, which can often significantly reduce order costs.

    Spot Color with Halftones

    This process is essentially the same as the Spot Color technique but includes halftone dots of ink as well as solid areas. This makes a single color of ink appear as two or more shades of that color. These halftone dots can also be printed over other colors in your design to create more shading effects. This is great for achieving the effect of having more colors than you actually do. So you can get an interesting looking print without needing a lot of colors.

    This method has many advantages over CMYK 4 Color Process Printing, in that you get the exact mixed shades of color that you're expecting, rather than hoping the CMYK produces the correct Pantone color in your logo or design. It also means reruns will turn out just the same as the first order, where this is sometimes difficult to guarantee with CMYK.

    CMYK 4 Color Process

    This process is used when the image is too colorful to be printed using the Spot Color with Halftones method.

    Four-color process images are composed of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black, referred to as CMYK. When printed correctly, CMYK inks absorb some wavelengths of light and reflect others. This is known as subtractive color theory. An apple appears red because green and blue light are absorbed (or subtracted) from the reflected light received by your eyes. If you use a magnifier to view a printed CMYK image, you will see small halftone dots that, when printed, make up the colors we see. Four-color process on garments is used to reproduce images that have a palette of colors well beyond the limits of the press. It is effective in reproducing paintings or photographs, and can be used for images that contain a broad range of colors.

    Process color prints on T-shirts work well on light colored shirts, but can be difficult when printing to dark shirts due to the transparency of the inks; a white under base must be printed first when printing onto colored garments. To master four-color process printing, a good set of color separations is needed, as well as excellent screen-making and printing techniques. Process stability is paramount when printing four-color process. To broaden the finished effect, many four-color process prints have additional spot colors that expand the color gamut.

    Simulated Process

    Simulated process color images have a photorealistic look, but are not printed with the process colors of CMYK, which makes this technique work well for dark shirts. The color separations for simulated process color are made up of halftone images of spot colors like red, yellow, blue, etc. Because the inks for simulated process color are generally all-purpose, plastisol, they deliver a bright print. When done correctly, simulated process prints can produce strongly-photorealistic images with smooth gradations and bright colors. It is one of the most popular methods used by today’s award-winning printers.

    We use simulated process separation (printing), commonly referred to as “sim process”, on the most complex and/or photorealistic designs. Pantone ink colors using varying halftone percentages are layered to simulate additional ink colors. Blending is enhanced by using wet-on-wet print techniques.

    This print style can be used on either light or dark shirts. Ink color counts can be as low as 2, but most often fall in the 8-12 color range.

    Index Color

    This technique is probably the most confusing of the separation methods. For the Color Process methods, shading in the image is achieved by using different sized halftone dots that have a specific pattern and angle to them. This pattern and angle is known as amplitude modulation (AM) screening. Index color separations are created in Adobe Photoshop, and use random square dots that are all the same size. These random dot patterns also are called diffusion dither, stochastic or Frequency Modulation (FM) screening and use uniform dot sizes with varied distance between them. This method is different from conventional AM halftone screening, which aligns dots of varying sizes on a regular grid.

    Index printing works on light and dark shirts and typically requires more colors than simulated or four-color process (especially if printing on black shirts). Images are very easy to print because all the dots are the same size and are printed side by side rather than on top of one another, as with other techniques.

    Separations are somewhat easy to do in Adobe Photoshop and printing can be more forgiving. The downside to index prints is that for the image to be photorealistic, you need at least six colors and in some cases, eight to 10 colors.

    Index prints can sometimes have a grainy, textured look to them, but when printed with several colors, they also can be very attractive.

    Natural Discharge

    Softest Ink Option for Black & Dark Garments. This printing special effect is simplistic, yet highly artistic. By printing discharge agents on to 100% cotton garments and adding heat, a chemical reaction is used to create an off-white or natural color. The active chemical is called Perolite. The chemical essentially acts like a bleach agent. And has traces of Formaldehyde. The result is a graphic area that is entirely void of any ink left on the garment (we call this 'color discharge' because regular discharge will normally produce a khaki or natural color- usually the color of the cotton before it was dyed). Discharge can be applied as raw discharge or tinted discharge. Raw discharge will give a dark-colored shirt a bleached look, and tinted discharge results in a more muted tone of the ink color that is used.

    Due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color of your final print should be expected by you or your client. Some colors react to this process better than others. The result is a very soft hand and the ability to print large designs without weighing down the garment.

    Soft Vibrant (Hybrid Print)

    This process allows you to print bright colors on light or dark garments without losing the soft, natural feel of the fabric or sacrificing style or comfort.

    By default we use a special hybrid ink that allows us to print extremely soft yet bright colored prints at a very affordable price. We utilize a range of soft hand plastisol, water base inks, pigments & discharge agents that actually stain the garment, instead of sitting on top of the fabric. The result is a print that is almost as soft as the garment itself! 100% Cotton garments are required for this ink type, as a chemical reaction is used to remove the dye from the shirt where traditional inks would normally print a white under-basing.

    Due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color of your final print should be expected by you or your client.

    • • Soft-to-the-hand feel with vibrant results
    • • Competitive option to water-based inks
    • • High-end & fashion forward
    • • More ecological than standard Inks
    • • Great when printing over seams and off garment
    • • Washing is recommended before wearing

    Foil Transfers

    Add shine to your design with colored foil transfers! Utilize one of our eye-catching foil colors to create a polished, mirror-like finish that will reflect light and make your graphic radiate like the sun. The result is a finish that is sure to make you break out your shades to keep the glare out of your eyes.

    In this process, we screen print your image using glue instead of ink. Then we lay sheets of textile foil over the glue and heat press it. When peeled away, the foil sticks to the glued areas and hey presto.

    This process isn't as durable as a standard screen print; it’s still a popular technique.

    Screen Print Inks

    Plastisol Inks

    AThe most economical and high quality ink choice for the widest variety of screen-printed apparel.

    Formulated to achieve color-matching accuracy, plastisol inks are the most commonly used inks for screen-printed apparel. Made of PVC with an oil base for flow and viscosity, and must be heat set to fully cure.

    Plastisol can print very fine 1/2 tone line counts and line weights. This ink provides the best color reproduction on light and dark materials. It provides best fiber lock down and color fastness. We use a Phthalate free plastisol that exceeds CPSIA Standards.

    High Opacity Plastisol

    Formulated to achieve superior opacity and color matching accuracy, High Opacity ink is used anytime you want to print the ink without an under base. There are 2 ways of achieving this: You can use what is called a hit/flash/hit or use the putty job or double hit.

    Soft Hand Plastisol

    FAn alternative to traditional plastisol inks that will not cover up the soft and natural feel of your garment. Soft hand base is mixed with standard plastisol inks to achieve a softer feel to the final print. It is great for those looking for a texture more like water based ink, especially when printed through a finer mesh screen. It is commonly used by screen printers producing high fashion garments, and anyone looking to get a less plastic-y feel to their plastisol prints.

    Like standard plastisol, it can print very fine line counts and detail. It has good color capabilities. It does not lock garment fibers down and the print will appear “lighter” after washing. Note that this ink is transparent and must be used with a discharge mask on dark garments.

    Soft Vintage

    A low impact, soft-feel option use to create a "vintage" style print. Soft Vintage Inks are most commonly used to achieve a "vintage" style print without having to alter your image with filters. This process allows a percentage of your apparel color to show through the inks, creating that perfect worn out look.

    • • Soft-to-the-hand feel with varied results
    • • Recommended when printing over seams and off garment
    • • PMS color matching *not* available

    Eco Inks

    Go Green! Print with the lowest environmental impact and get soft, natural results.

    Water-Based Inks

    The best choice for the environment, water-based inks produce ultra soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available. Water-based inks are used by organizations with a desire to maintain a green profile and fashion-oriented companies looking for a soft-to-the-hand feel. With the consistency of water and a translucent base, designing for these inks should be reserved for minimal detail and color printed on an organic fabric.

    • • Truly an ink for those looking to print green
    • • Most eco-friendly inks available
    • • Super soft to the hand

    Using Water based inks generally consists of a two-part system mix of a base and pigments. The resulting soft hand is achieved without plastic and resins, making it more safe and compliant for our Earth and Environment.

    Water-based inks are used to give a design a soft-hand feel and almost no-hand feel after wash. The result is a design that looks and feels like it is almost part of the fibers of the shirt as opposed to a plastisol print that sits more on the surface of the fabric.

    Special Effect Inks

    Fluorescent Inks

    Fluorescent inks add that extra punch to your design and have been making a resurgence the last few years.

    They can also be used to add High Vis elements to Work Wear. We stock Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent "Inferno" Orange, Fluorescent "Flame" Orange, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Purple & Fluorescent Blue (although Fluorescent Blue is part of the ink range, it doesn't have the same intensity as the other colors).


    Put the spotlight on your designs with Glow-in-the-Dark Ink! Special chemicals called phosphors are mixed into the ink causing it to absorb energy and re-emit it as visible light. Because of the nature of this ink, the final print will have a slight green>
    They are best when used on white or light-colored fabrics or as an overprint with white or light-colored inks, this special effects ink can be used over one specific area or all over your image. (Pantone matching is unavailable).br>
    Glow ink comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, red, sky blue, aqua, violet and white. It’s transparent, but not completely, so it shows up very faintly in daylight.

    Notes: On dark colored tees it needs an opaque white base to work, so if you’re using glow ink on a dark tee be aware that the glow part of the design will appear white in daylight.

    Black Light

    Like regular glow in the dark inks, blacklight inks absorb energy and re-emits it as visible light. Unlike ordinary glow in dark paints, however, the glowing effect is only visible under ultraviolet lights (Black Light).

    Invisible black light is a clear color that only appears under Black Light conditions. Add a hidden image or slogan over a simple white impression that when under Black Light conditions will Fluoresce.

    There are 6 invisible Black Light colors available: Inv Blue, Inv Green, Inv Yellow, Inv Violet, Inv Orange and Inv Bright White. Shown to the right, top image is under Black Light conditions.

    Metallic Inks

    Go for the Gold! Metallic inks are used to simulate a metal appearance. Metallic inks are similar to foil but without the reflective sheen. Metallic inks have tiny metal flakes added to them, giving a truly metallic look. They aren't quite as bling as Foil but as they are ink rather than a glued on process, they have good durability.

    We stock Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver & Metallic Black. These colors can also be tinted, so Gold can be tinted into Copper. Silver can be tinted with any color, although the more color added the less metallic they become, so lighter shades work best.

    Crystalina Glitter Ink

    Make it Shine! Crystalina is an ink consisting of glitter floating in a clear base. Its used as an overprint on top of other colors for an interesting sparkly effect. The glitter tends to be predominantly yellow in tone, so works best over yellow, orange & red.

    Glitter Inks

    Give your design a little sparkle. Glitter describes an assortment of very small, flat, and reflective particles. When these particles are applied to surfaces, they each reflect light in different angles causing the surface to sparkle or glitter. Glitter is similar to, but smaller than confetti or sequins. Glitter Inks are made of multicolor metallic flakes suspended in a clear Plastisol base and can be applied to your entire image or just one area.

    The primary function of Glitters is to add decorative value to an otherwise basic and dull design. Glitters glamorizes your products and makes them stand out thereby optimizing your margin of profit and increasing sales turnover.

    Glitter ink is like shimmer ink, but features thick glitter flakes instead of tiny metallic sparkles. It’s available in a range of basic colors.

    Notes: Works best in larger areas with no fine detail. Glitter ink is also a little transparent, so if you layer glitter ink over other inks, the colors underneath will peek through.


    Shimmer Inks are made with tiny metallic flakes suspended in a clear Plastisol base. It is sparkly, metallic ink that is available in black, silver, bronze and gold.

    Notes: Works best in larger areas with no fine detail.

    Puff Inks

    Stay puffed! Evoke 80's nostalgia or create a throwback look to your raglan or trucker cap with Puff Inks. Puff Inks are a great economic alternative to High Density or Super Gel Inks, but have a much softer marshmallow-like quality. This effect is created by adding a puff additive to standard Plastisol Inks, which makes them rise like a freshly baked loaf of bread.

    The Puffing process tends to change the ink color, making it a slightly lighter shade after puffing occurs, so perfect color matching is difficult.

    Notes: Best used on round shapes and lines, Hard edges and angles are softened and can be lost when used with puff ink, and it is not suited for large areas of ink, since it will be very heavy on the tee.

    Suede Ink

    Make it Suede! Suede ink is a raised ink with a fuzzy texture. The line work must be at least 1/8” to 1/4” to appear fuzzy. Like puff and high density ink, suede ink does not work well in large solid areas.

    High Density Inks

    Take your design to new heights with our High Density Inks! High Density is a process that adds texture and depth to a graphic. Plastisol ink is printed through a special screen that corrals the ink within a limited area creating a print that rises up to 1/8 inch above the fabric’s surface. This results in an opaque, durable, three-dimensional print that adds texture & depth to your graphic.

    High Density Inks are available in any color in the Pantone Matching System solid color guides. This effect is limited to one ink per garment and cannot be combined with Hybrid, Foil or Discharge Ink due to the heat required to achieve each of these processes. High Density Inks cannot be used for halftone images or graphics with fine detail. They work best with solid, bold graphic areas such as text or symbols.

    Notes: That means it works best for shapes and lines with hard edges and angles.

    Super Gels

    Get the wet look with our Super Gel Inks! Similar to High Density Inks, but with softer, rounded edges, Gel inks can be printed to add a glossy shine to any graphic. Super Gel Inks are a transparent and typically used as an over print of another color or multiple colors to give the ink a gel or wet look.

    This ink is best used to simulate liquid or accent an area of your design. While generally printed clear, Super Gels can also be tinted in a variety of colors. It is also available as a high-density gel for an even thicker appearance and rubbery feel.

    Notes: Makes apparel heavier and stiffer where gel is placed.

    Any and all of the above can be used with special printing techniques to provide an endless combination of special effect prints. Designs that utilize special effects require additional time and labor, so extra artwork charges may apply.

    Our apparel designs are pushing the limits of available technologies and printing techniques. It’s clear that creativity and consumers’ desires for customized designs are driving garment decoration Today.

  • Embroidery

    Create a custom look with 10 dazzling effects. Basicxpressions can embroider on almost any apparel stock you desire.

    Embroidery Specialties

    Superior Quality Lettering

    Trends come and go, but mastery of the fundamentals is always in demand. Our quality standards demand the cleanest, tightest fine lettering detail as small as .25” tall.

    Gradient Embroidery

    Gradient effects aren’t limited to screen printing. Our skilled digitizers reproduce complex gradient designs and logos daily for us to embroider caps, bags, polos, fleece, towels - you name it!

    Textured Embroidery

    Repeated shapes in embroidery create an exquisite texture with softness and flexibility. This effect works best with one or two color logo or designs. Have our graphics designers develop a textured embroidery design for you!

    Puff Embroidery

    Check into puff embroidery for text with true impact in an endless sea of BOLD fonts. Puff embroidery does not hold thin line or detail and is best for block style lettering and/or simple shapes.


    Tackle Twill Appliqué

    Back to the basics, traditional tackle twill is often used for athletic lettering and numbering. It is found on your favorite professional and collegiate sports teams.

    Felt Appliqué

    Felt is a available in an assortment of colors and is an excellent medium for corporate expressions!

    Distressed Appliqué

    An embroidery and appliqué design that is designed to give the look of well worn comfort! This technique adds character to a custom design or logo.

    Distressed Jersey Appliqué

    Multiple colors of jersey material have been put through a wash process to produce a uniquely frayed edge design for a relaxed "vintage" look!

    Combination Appliqué

    Combining print with appliqué creates a distressed, multi-dimentional appearance, enhancing the look and feel of your design.

    Distress Twill Appliqué

    Cotton / polyester material has been put through a wash process to create the uniquely frayed edge design, creating the worn, distressed appearance of your favorite, most comfortable sweatshirt or tee.

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Discover the complete line of materials, for heat application on any fabric. Whether you’re decorating cotton t-shirts, nylon jackets or performance wear for corporate, sports or fashion, we have a heat transfer material in the color and finish you require.

    Heat transfer vinyl is either a polyurethane (PU) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC) material that is used to cut designs from. Heat transfer vinyl is available in a wide selection of colors and finishes such as metallic, glitter, flock, and glow in the dark.

    Our cuttable heat transfer vinyl has a matte finish, is extremely durable and is ideal for producing numbers, letters, logos and custom designs/graphics. You can layer up to 2 colors except for certain colors including light blue and neon or metallic colors.

    Once your design is cut, the excess material that isn't part of the design is "Weeded" away. Weeding is the process of taking a dental-like tool and pulling the excess material away from the carrier. once your design is cut and weeded, you can apply it to the garment of your choice using a heat press.

    Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Putting the “Performance” in Performance Wear. Stretch Vinyl delivers all the benefits of heat transfer vinyl and combines it with super stretchability to create one remarkable heat transfer material! The thinnest of any Stretch material has an ultra-matte finish and a soft hand that’s available in 12 popular colors, including silver and gold. Stretch vinyl is laminated onto a pressure-sensitive carrier that allows for cutting and weeding detailed designs.

    Electric Vinyl

    Electrify your logo with unique finishes! Electric represents the latest trend in CAD materials for the fashion industry. If you're looking to take your designs to the next level, Electric vinyl has a finish or pattern just for you! You've never seen a heat applied material like this - the colors are vibrant and have a pearlescent metallic sheen. Electric vinyl is durable wash after wash and maintains its bright color and brilliant finish.

    Glow in the Dark Vinyl

    Create Custom Designs that Glow in the Dark! Glow in the dark Vinyl is a white polyurethane heat transfer vinyl that looks great in the daylight and glows in the dark! You “charge” the material by exposing it to sunlight. The more light you give it, the more it glows in the dark!

    Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Make Your Designs Shimmer and Sparkle! Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl is all about fashion. The glitter vinyl is soft to the touch, because the glitter is embedded in the material so that you get a smooth finish to your designs. Glitter vinyl is available in 10 colors including a translucent for creating tone-on-tone looks.

    Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

    The Only Flock in the Industry That can be Layered on Itself! A great alternative to embroidery, Flock vinyl gives logos a raised, textured, suede-like feel. Excellent for retro designs or anytime you want a rich look. Flock Vinyl can be used as a base layer and covered with other materials, giving a very unique, high-end look to logos and designs. In addition, Flock Vinyl is very opaque and has deep, rich colors that are great for animal prints and for layering on top of other materials.

    Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Let Your Design Light Up the Night with Reflective Vinyl! Reflective Vinyl offers great visibility in low-light conditions. Perfect for road workers, construction crews, delivery drivers and runners / bikers that are active when the sun goes down. Reflective Vinyl is a truly remarkable polyurethane reflective product that has a higher reflectivity due to its glass bead construction.

  • Promotional Products

    The power of "FREE" is undeniable. Whether it’s a giveaway at a tradeshow, an in-store freebie, or a fun gift for your employees, giving out something for nothing is a proven way for your business to get people’s attention.

    Whether the freebies are clothing, clocks, mugs, pens, or any of a thousand other items, they fall into a broad category called Promotional Products. The category includes free products distributed as “advertising specialties,” “premiums” that are given to in response to specific actions, tradeshow giveaways, and business gifts that can de decorated in many different ways.

    Shop Promotional Products

    Decorating Types

    The types of decorating promotional products can be confusing. Here is a list of available ways to personalize a promotional products or advertising specialties and their meanings.

    4-color Process

    A color image is separated into 4 different color values using filters and screens usually digital). The result is a color separation of 4 images. When transferred to printing plates and printed on a printing press with the colored inks, cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black, reproduces the original color image. These four colors can be combined to create thousands of colors just as your computer printer does.


    Screen printing an image and debossing it onto a surface.


    The depression of an image into a material’s surface so causing the image to sit below the product surface is a deboss.


    Artwork is produced on a transparent decal and applied to the product.


    Injecting molten metal into the cavity of a carved die (or a mold).


    Production of emblems and other flat promotional products by striking a blank metal sheet with a hammer that holds the die.


    A design is stitched into fabric through the use of high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machines. Artwork must first be "digitized;” the specialized process of converting two-dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. Certain formats of art, such as a jpeg, tif, eps or bmp cannot be converted into an embroidery tape. The digitizer must actually recreate the artwork using stitches. It then programs the sewing machine to sew a specific design in a specific color with a specific type of stitch. This is the process known as digitizing.


    We Impress an image in relief to achieve a raised surface.


    A process in which an item is covered with a protective coating that resists acid to create the artwork. This leaves a bare surface and a protected surface. It is then exposed to acid. The acid attacks only the exposed surface leaving the image etched onto the surface.

    Hot Stamp

    Setting a design on a metal relief die or plate, which is then heated and pressed onto the printing surface to achieve a deboss.

    Laser (Engraving)

    Art or lettering is cut into a material by a laser beam that vaporizes the portion exposed through openings in a template.

    Laser or Foil Stamp

    Applying metallic or colored foil imprints to vinyl, leather or paper surfaces. Usually used on a deboss.

    Offset Printing

    The transfer of ink from a metal printing plate to a rubber-covered cylinder is used on more complex artwork and for higher quantity runs.

    Pad Printing

    A recessed surface is covered with ink. The plate is wiped clean, leaving ink in the recessed areas. A silicone pad is then pressed against the plate, pulling the ink out of the recesses and pressing it directly onto the product.

    Screen Printing / Silk-Screening

    An image is transferred to the printed surface by ink, which is pressed through a stenciled screen and treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to light, hardening the emulsion not covered by film and leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to press ink through. You must create a different screen for every color you are going to print and screen each color separately allowing drying time in between.


    Dye transfer process where the image consists of a colored dye permanently embedded into the pores of the material surface. Used to imprint messages, graphics and photographs on a variety of items, primarily mouse pads, mugs, T-shirts, caps and trophy medals.

  • Dye-Sublimation

    Coming Soon!