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Your Business Christmas Card – 5 Things You Should Never Forget!

Posted by Administrator On December - 2 - 2009

Christmas Card

When it comes to your business, you must take every precaution to make sure you keep your clients and customers happy. There is no doubt that a business Christmas card offers you and your company an effective strategy to reach your existing clients and potential other ones.

A seasonal greeting is your way of thanking your clientele for their business and a great way to stay in touch and encourage new business.  You are forming lasting partnerships that take your business to another level, one of personal friendship.  You may have heard the term, “social networking.”  This is one form of networking that doesn’t have to cost a bunch of money but certainly can generate valuable rewards.

Unfortunately, some business do not make the most our if this excellent marketing tool. Here we list a few things you should not forget when sending your business Christmas Card this year.

  1. Social Networking:  Developing your client base is an important part of your business growth.  By networking, you can expand your list of customers and secure loyalty from those you already do business with.  By sending a holiday greeting card, you are keeping in touch and moving your business relationship to a more personal level.  It also gives you a reason to reach out to those you may have not contacted in awhile.  Keep your contact list current and this small expenditure will pay for itself and more in the years ahead.
  2. Make it personal:  You’ve seen the holiday cards with a company name imprinted on it and sent in an envelope with a pre-addressed label stuck on the front.  This was a start, but go one better by personalizing your message.  Do buy imprinted cards, as they are relatively inexpensive and do look professional, but add something in your handwriting to make it more valuable.  Jot a short note and hand address the envelope.  The recipient will feel they are special as you took the time to make their card personal.
  3. Extra effort:  Holiday wishes sent via email or voice mail are one thing, but sending a card through the mail that is opened and shared says your business associate or customer is special and that their business partnership is important.  Be sensitive to religious differences when selecting your card or send a Thanksgiving or Happy New Years card instead.  When you add custom imprinting and your own personalization, this form of advertising is money well spent.
  4. Business is good:  Show that your business is doing well and thriving.  Send impressive business Christmas cards.  Greeting cards come in all sorts of designs with features like embossing and foil stamping.  Customers like to do business with companies they feel are successful.  A nice card can look much more expensive then it actually is for a perceived value that speaks volumes when promoting your small business.
  5. Thank You:  A holiday card not only sends season’s greetings, but says Thank You for your business this past year.  It also strengthens your business partnerships for the year ahead.  Your customer and business associates are now extended family members!   Like a family member, you may want to consider sending photo greeting cards with a picture of your office team family printed on it, especially if the majority of your business is conducted via phone or email.  This is an opportunity build loyalty and trust with a minimal investment.

Holiday cards are not as expensive as you may think, especially when purchased in bulk.  Select nice, high quality cards with personalized imprints and start or continue a tradition that will bring economic rewards to your small business for years to come.

Linda Cress Dowdy

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