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Award Medals and the Honor That Comes With It

Posted by Administrator On August - 13 - 2010

There are plenty of award medals being given to people who deserve it each year. It is being given as a distinct honor to something that the awardees did or has been able to accomplish.

Types of Awards:

1. Fellowships – are awards that are prestigious, which brings students  to concentrate on their studies and research for full-time. Awards like these are often given to students that enrolled to programs at the level of Master’s or Doctoral.

2. Scholarships – are awards in a form of money that recognizes academic achievement. This award assists recipients with the expense of continuing their studies. This is a merit-based award and thus granted to students in both undergraduate and levels that already graduated.

3. Bursaries – are gifts also in a form of money provided to students to assist them with costs incurred while pursuing a program that is academic.

4. Prizes – are awarded for excellence in academic or when there is an achievement in a specific area of subject. Usually, prizes are in the form of money.

5. Service Awards – are awards also in a form of money provided to graduates and undergraduates student that is in good standing on their academics. These students are the one who have demonstrated excellent skills on non-academic fields.
There are quite a number of categories in which award medals are given out. These are usually awarded to those who have been able to achieve something that is worth recognizing. It does not matter if what you have been able to achieve is related to the arts, to athletics, to military deeds, to the academe, to science, or to just about any industry. What matters is that what you have been able to accomplish is something that is worth noting and has passed the criteria set by the bodies that award these.

Quite a number of organizations and groups give out such award medals. And the list is seemingly endless. There are those which give out such recognitions to people all around the globe like the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. And there are also those which are given out only to the residents of a specific country. Examples of this include Long Service Medal in Nepal, The Kings Medal of Merit in Gold in Norway, and the Military Medals of Honor in Japan.

These award medals are not just your simple medals that you can find in stores. These are very special and some are only produced when needed. However, for those who are into souvenirs, there are also shops which carry imitation award medals which are produced in factories but are not necessarily those that are given out during such remarkable occasions.

Most of the award medals that are awarded are made up of various metal allows. The most usual metal used is zinc because it is said to be the easiest one to work with. It is also very ductile, is very strong and can be plated with much ease compared to other metal alloys. Zinc is also usually plated depending on what it is needed for. However, the most usual plates is gold, silver, brass, and bronze.

An award medal is not going to be an award medal if it did not have any ribbon that came with it. And with that, you will also find that not only is the award medal unique but the ribbon also usually is. Often, you will find the logo or the name of the giving body on the ribbon itself.

Stephan Uys

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