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Color Palette for Logo Design

Posted by Administrator On June - 15 - 2012

Colors play a very important role in our lives. No one can deny the fact that colors even affect our decision making process and how we go about our daily life activities. Colors also play a very important role in each and every field of design. Technically design can be defined as a plan that makes things easier and simpler. Colors when combined with design and artistic sense can do wonders to anything.

There are many things human psychology associates with colors. Scientists have researched and proved that certain colors provoke certain emotions in the human minds. Colors can create themes in a design to convey messages without words or even without an illustration or a drawing. A fine example of that could be the samples of abstract art exhibited in museums all over the world and appreciated by millions of art lovers.

Colors also play a very important role in the field of marketing today. Using same colors in one’s logo design, web design, promotional material and physical locations of the business can do wonders. People start associating those colors and imager with your brand and it helps you gain customer trust and loyalty.

When it comes to small businesses with limited resources it becomes difficult to decide which colors to choose and what theme to select. Large corporations on the other hand can hire brand agencies and marketing teams to help them with research and development of a color theme to be used in their marketing and brand building strategies. On the other hand small businesses can not afford to do such things. How they can make a choice which colors to go for.

For a good logo design it is important to remember that the color scheme of your logo design should be something that represents your business. For example for a legal firm using black fight word mark logo would be a very good strategy. However, there is always a little room for using different shades and adding an interesting contrast to your logo design’s color scheme.

When choosing the colors for your logo design small business should consider these things first:

· Where will you be using your logo design?

· Who are your audiences?

· What colors better represent your business?

A logo design can be used almost everywhere your business goes. It can be used on your web design, on your brochure design, banner design, business cards, office stationery, posters, coffee mugs, t-shirts, billboards, news paper advertisements, television and so on.

Your color scheme should be something that can be printed on almost every platform with no added expanses on getting the color right. For example a logo design created with the shades of gray, black and white could get printed much easily on almost every platform without any additional costs.

When choosing the colors for your logo, a small business should also consider the sensitivities of their audiences and targeted markets. Based on the demographics of your targeted market you can well understand what colors would be more attractive to your clientele and which colors would not perform that well among your customers.

The basic goal of a logo design is to build a corporate identity for your business. So in the end make sure that you choose the colors that represent your business. Not only your products but also the moral values of your business as well.

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- Claudia Winifred

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