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Earth Friendly Promotional Gifts

Posted by Administrator On October - 15 - 2013

What kind of message do you want your company to send out to your potential customers, staff and corporate associates? In this day and age it is important to show the public that you care about the environment that they have to inhabit. Companies who pollute and show clearly by their corporate actions that the wellbeing of the environment is not a priority do not do nearly as well in public opinion polls.

You can start showing the public that you care about the environment by handing out “green” promotional gifts.

Promotional items that promote environmental awareness and your brand at the same time can be difficult to find. It is not always easy to link automotive insurance with saving the environment – but it is possible! There are a lot of items and materials that send the message that your company is environmentally friendly, and all you have to do is print your logo on them! A good example is one large paper manufacturing company who cut down thousands of acres of forests a year, but distribute cardboard paper recycle bins in an effort to promote the recycling of paper.

This might seem hypocritical to a lot of people, but this initiative served two distinct purposes. The first was to promote recycling, which is a worthy cause, and the other was to improve the image of the paper company in the eyes of the public. You can achieve this effect too by having paper or plastic recycled bins made with your logo on them. Think about starting a recycling drive to go along with your marketing campaign. It might not exactly be in the budget, but the improved public opinion of your company will boost sales like nothing else can.

U.S Corn Plastic is a revolutionary new material made entirely from corn syrup, and is on the verge of replacing conventional polymers as we know it. It is cheap to manufacture and the best part is: it’s biodegradable! Many products can be made out of this material, and new uses for it are being devised every day. It makes great stress balls, name tags and novelty items, and it is 100% environmentally friendly. Show the public that you care about the environment by spending the extra little bit of money to have your promotional products made from this material. Those in the know will appreciate the gesture and the moves your company are making to be more environmentally friendly.

To show the public that you care about the environment does not require a large budget nature film or a conservation foundation. All you need to do is take care in what promotional gifts you choose to distribute. You can easily achieve all of the results that giveaways can, but if you add an environmental bent to your marketing drive you will reap the additional bonuses of having a reputation for caring about the environment. A large section of the public will respond very positively to this image.

Gareth Parkin

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