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The 7 Steps of a Successful Promotional Campaign

Posted by Administrator On December - 13 - 2013

To achieve a successful Promotional Campaign a great deal of effort needs to put into the planning and organizing stages, if your objective is to have the desired results. Initially you need to realize that your campaign should have three required outcomes:

  • To make sure that your marketing message reaches your target group
  • That your message is clearly understood by your target audience
  • That your message inspires your target group and they begin to act

Now you need to know how you would achieve these 3 steps, and in order to do so you need to plan very well. Given below are 7 steps that will help you to have a successful Promotional Campaign:

Step 1: Measure the possibilities for Marketing Communication

Initially, you need to research and identify the needs of your target group. To whom do you intend making your brand known? Are they the existing customers, the influential persons, decision-makers, groups or the public?

Step 2: What Communication Technique will you utilize

In the first step you decided on your target group, the product and the environments. Based on these results you can decide on the best technique for communication. You need to know whether you will use a personal contact type of communication such as personal meetings, telephone conversations or personal sales presentation. Or will you use a non-verbal communication such as in the print media, direct mail, magazines or the electronic media?

Step 3: Establish your Objectives

Always remember that objectives of a Promotional Campaign are slightly different from a marketing campaign. Promotional objectives should be shown in long and short term behaviors of the people who are open to your promotional communication. These objectives should be clear, should be measurable and appropriate for market development.

Step 4: Decide on your Promotion Mix

Resources will have to be allocated for sales promotion, advertising, publicity and personal selling. Make sure you don’t hold back any of these areas. Awareness has to be created among your buyers in order to achieve a successful campaign.

Step 5: Develop your Promotional Message

This important phase will require collective work. You need to work together and decide on the content, appeal, structure, format and the source of the message. Remember that in a Promotional Campaign appeal and execution always goes together.

Step 6: Develop a budget for the Promotion

You have to decide on a total budget for the promotion. You will need to consider many aspects for this budget – cost breakdowns per area and the promotional mix elements. Study the affordability, percent of sales and the competitive similarity. When you have a breakdown of costs, you will be able to gauge the success of your campaign.

Step 7: Determine Campaign Effectiveness

Your promotional plan should go down into a written format. This document should include the following:

- Situation Analysis
- Copy Platform
- Timetables for effective integration of the promotional and marketing mix elements

You will need to decide on how you will measure the effectiveness and success after the Promotional Campaign is implemented. Did the performances go according to the plan? To determine this you will need the support of your target group to know whether they recognized specific advertising messages, what they remember, how they felt about it and finally what their attitude was towards the business company.

Paul Sung

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