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How to Do Less and Accomplish More with Your Marketing

Posted by Administrator On June - 29 - 2015

SuccessMany business owners look at marketing as a huge burden and feel it takes a lot of hard work that they do not enjoy, and not a place where they can express their self.  They find client work a place of joy and authenticity, but not their marketing.

Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease . . . with carefreeness, harmony and love.

And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.

In a nutshell, this law is saying that Divine Intelligence expresses itself spontaneously and without effort.  A blade of grass doesn’t try to grow, it just grows.  A goldfish doesn’t struggle to swim, it just swims.  A pansy doesn’t attempt to bloom, it just blooms.  It’s their nature to do so.

And it is our nature as human beings to make our dreams manifest by expressing our True Self, easily and effortlessly.  When you’re in harmony with your nature, and taking action from the knowledge of your True Self, you naturally end up “doing less and accomplishing more.”

Now, what the heck does this have to do with marketing your business, you may ask.

Lots of creative, service-centered business owners see marketing as a burden, as something that requires a bunch of hard work, and certainly not a place where they can express their True Self.  Client work is seen as a place of joy and authenticity, but not their marketing.

By not understanding that they can “harness the forces of harmony, joy and love. . . to create success and good fortune with effortless ease” in their marketing, they’re not making use of the Law of Least Effort.

Let’s look at the three components of this Law as it applies to your marketing mindset so you can put the principle of “do less and accomplish more” into action. . .

1 – Acceptance
This is really about setting an intention to stop resisting marketing. Resistance requires a lot of energy. Successful business owners embrace the fact that they have TWO businesses – one is delivering their services, the other is marketing their services. The first can’t happen without the second.

When that energy of resistance is freed up, it can be redirected into creativity.

2 – Responsibility
What does “responsibility” mean in this case? Well, having accepted that marketing is a necessary fact of running a business, it means the ability to have a creative response to the situation.

Chopra reminds us that all problems contain the seeds of opportunity. This awareness lets you take the situation of marketing and transform it into something positive. Now every promotional email, press release or sales letter you write can be a communication that supports the expression of your True Self (instead of denying it).

3 – Defenselessness
I’ve found that often the conflict heart-centered entrepreneurs feel about selling comes about because they think they have to convince the other person of their point of view.

Ugh! That sounds hard and unpleasant. When you let go of needing to defend your services and products, you’ll immediately feel a lightness and increased energy around the situation. You’ll be able to speak from the heart about what’s possible for someone when they work with you, and you’ll know without any doubt that just the right people will be attracted to your offerings.

When You Separate Marketing from Client Work, You Restrict the Flow of Energy to You

The Universe is held together by the energy of love. When you approach your marketing activities with love, your energy multiplies and accumulates. And that surplus energy can be channeled to create anything you want, including an abundantly prosperous business.

So, go love your marketing and see how you easily can “do less and accomplish more.”
- Helen Graves

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