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How to Do Less and Accomplish More with Your Marketing

Posted by Administrator On June - 29 - 2015

SuccessMany business owners look at marketing as a huge burden and feel it takes a lot of hard work that they do not enjoy, and not a place where they can express their self.  They find client work a place of joy and authenticity, but not their marketing. Read the rest of this entry »

Promotional Marketing – Effective Promotion vs Cheap Giveaway

Posted by Administrator On October - 15 - 2014

The notion that simply giving stuff away at a trade show is effective promotional marketing may be one of the biggest myths … one of the biggest bottles of snake oil ever sold to business owners and marketers.

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Marketing Fundamentals – Creativity with Direction

Posted by Administrator On June - 13 - 2014

You may have your own ideas of what creativity means. You may also be struggling with your company’s advertising and/ or income. With regard to marketing, the definition of creativity is very different than it is in relation to the arts. Marketing uses many of the artistic genres including composition, design, photography, film, music, dance, and theater, but the intention and outcome are not alike by any means.

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Approaching Your Marketing – Networking is Necessary

Posted by Administrator On February - 14 - 2014

It is truly amazing just how many new clients are introduced to your business by the networking process. Networking is a major method of expanding your clientele base that must not be ignored. New opportunities, increased sales, and other accomplishments occur through establishing new contacts.

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The 7 Steps of a Successful Promotional Campaign

Posted by Administrator On December - 13 - 2013

To achieve a successful Promotional Campaign a great deal of effort needs to put into the planning and organizing stages, if your objective is to have the desired results. Initially you need to realize that your campaign should have three required outcomes: Read the rest of this entry »

Building Brand Loyalty

Posted by Administrator On February - 15 - 2013

A product is a blend of multiple features which is positioned and distinguished by way of some special offering to establish it as a brand. And, if a customer is loyal towards a particular brand, it means a product has fulfilled all the requirements of a customer and satisfying a customer translates the brand into a pivotal product to lend the organization the leading edge over its competitors.

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The Critical Importance of Advertising

Posted by Administrator On February - 15 - 2012

Advertising is one of the many marketing tools that are used to attract attention of prospective customers to a business or its products or services. The more effective an advertising campaign, more the customers it draws, and with greater frequency. Advertising is part of the overall marketing strategy of a business, which includes public relations, promotional programs, signage, incentives, newsletters, and word of mouth, among other strategies.

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A Brief History of Advertising

Posted by Administrator On August - 15 - 2011

In the ruins of ancient Pompeii and Arabia, messages have been found with an emphasis on commercial and political aspects and themes. The Egyptians used a thick paper-like material called papyrus to create sales slogans and wall posters. This material was also used in various forms of advertising, such as requesting information relating to lost individuals and items, and was common in Ancient Rome and Greece.

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Posted by Administrator On February - 11 - 2011

Many people try to complain that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a “Hallmark holiday” dreamed up by businesses seeking to profit from the desperate masses seeking love. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Valentine’s Day traces its history back to ancient Rome, long before any such businesses started looking towards their bottom line.

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An Introduction to Word of Mouth Marketing

Posted by Administrator On December - 15 - 2010

Marketing is one of the most evolved fields today. Marketing deals with any market-oriented activity with the ultimate objective of increasing the sales and brand image of products or services marketed. Marketing as a field covers market research, selling, promotion, customer service, after sales service to name some. And what works the best for the ultimate objective of marketing, that is, selling. Well, it is the oldest method of marketing, the word of mouth marketing.

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Print Ready Artwork

Posted by Administrator On April - 15 - 2010

From the moment you wake up in the morning, you read the newspaper, curse the amount of junk mail on your doorstep, pass billboards on your way to work, hand out your business card, get given a flyer on the high street, pick up a swanky looking brochure at your local shop. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Succeed in Branding – Part 3

Posted by Administrator On February - 15 - 2010

Brand Equity – When a product has its own brand name, certain benefits will be associated with the product. On the other hand, should the same product not have such a brand name, then the associated benefits will be greatly reduced. Read the rest of this entry »